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See Ya Spring, Now Come on Summer!--Students Share Spring Break Schedules

Seniors Kobe Levisy (left), Lindsey Smith (top), and Kailee Foutz (bottom) visited Smith Mountain Lake over spring break. (Courtesy Photo)

By Riley Cockram--Eagle Staff Writer

According to our Eagles, spring break was a nice time to decompress mentally and physically. It provided time to just relax and have fun, which could've been accomplished by adventuring outside of Franklin County, or simply staying home with friends and family. Several students let Eagle staff members know their spring break plans last issue, so now here are the results of the spring break poll!

  • 14.3% traveled to the beach,

  • 28.6% visited with family,

  • 14.3% hung out with friends,

  • and 42.9% arranged camping trips.

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