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Series Review: ABC's Big Sky Has Big Potential

Ronald Pergman, played by Brian Geraghty, is one of the main villains of the show. (Image used under the Fair Use Provision of the U.S. Copyright Code)

By Ethan Ellis--Eagle Staff Writer

One of ABC’s new hit shows this year has been Big Sky. Based on a book series by C.J. Box called The Highway, this show follows a group of private investigators and two child abductors in the Montana wilderness.

This show includes scenes of abduction and abuse so viewer discretion is advised.

The show opens with a feud between ex-police officer Jenny Hoyt and one of her husband's co-workers, Cassie Dewell, at his private investigation firm. This feud ultimately results in a physical altercation at a local bar in their town of Helena.

Next, viewers are introduced to Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski, who seems to be a kind-hearted and trustworthy veteran of the police force as the show shows him helping out someone stuck in the mud. But things take a turn for the worse when a trucker by the name of Ronald Pergman is introduced.

Ronald Pergman's opening scene depicts the relationship between him and his mother, which is a contentious one to say the least. Ronald is then shown at a truck stop picking up a mysterious lady of the night and has an awkward conversation with her before tazing and abducting her.

The final main characters, sisters Danielle and Grace, are introduced as they drive to Montana to visit Danielle’s boyfriend, who happens to be Jenny's son.

As they drive, Danielle and Grace are almost involved in an accident with Ronald, who is now driving his tractor trailer with the kidnapped courtesan in the back. Danielle, who seems to have an issue with road rage, decides she will speed by the truck going up a dangerous mountain road and calls him a loser. They escape Ronald unharmed, but then Danielle's car breaks down a few miles later.

As Danielle and Grace attempt to determine what to do since they have no phone signal, Ronald catches up to them. In a fit of rage, this antagonist decides he will abduct the sisters as well and throws them in the back of the truck. Despite being attacked by Grace and her sister, Ronald is able to transport the girls to the basement of a barn where he will hold them.

It is here that viewers discover Officer Rick Legarski is also involved in this kidnapping scene. Based off of his dialogue, this doesn't appear to be the first time the pair have collaborated to commit similar crimes.

After Danielle and Grace don’t show that night, Jenny and Cassie are forced to put their differences aside to try and find the girls before it's too late.

The show has an amazing plot and keeps the viewer on edge while they're watching it. Even when you think the story's over, there's a new twist that keeps it going. The scenery of the show is beautiful and definitely adds a nice touch to the show.

The one thing that could be improved in the show is the organization of the episodes and seasons. At episode ten of the first season, the plot and time that the events occur changes somewhat drastically and a new set of characters are introduced. This in itself is not a problem and helps to continue the plot and keep the show interesting. The problem lies in that this sudden change in plot and time in the story was still included in the first season when it would have been better to make this switch in the second season.

Big Sky airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm on ABC and is available to stream on Hulu, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Apple TV.

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