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She's Got It All--Junior Volunteers, Writes, Plays, and Believes

From left to right: Junior Gillian Price, brother Ansel, brother Johnny, mom Juli, and sister Virginia stop for a picture as they travel across the country. (Courtesy Photo)

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Editor

Some Eagles find joy in writing stories of adventure and triumph for the world to read, while others are living out a strength-filled story that’s all their own. One Eagle is doing both.

Junior Gillian Price was born here in Virginia, but has lived all across the country.

“I’ve moved houses a bunch of times [and] I’ve lived in three states,” she began. “My favorite place to live was Montana for eight years because of the scenery and people.”

Although her family shared this connection to the northwest, they moved back to Virginia when Price was a sophomore.

“Honestly, I was excited to move just for a change of pace! But then we moved, and COVID happened like a month after, and I was like 'Shoot, now I can’t make friends,'” Price reflected. “So the last two years have been tough trying to adjust to VA. There’s such a huge culture shock from Montana that it took me a long time to get used to, [but] Virginia is more mellow.”

Virginia did offer some perks, according to Price's mom Juli.

“When we moved from the middle of a city to a home where there isn’t a single neighbor in sight, she, I think, liked the idea of living on a farm enough that it propelled her beyond any apprehensions she had about it,” Juli said.

The Price family has three dogs: Grizz (top), Buddy (left), and Cindy (right). (Courtesy Photo)

The reason for this relocation was to be closer to family. On their own, however, the “Price Pack” is a larger bunch.

“I have two parents and three little siblings,” Gillian counted. “We also have beef cows, three dogs, two barn cats, an old mare, and seven pigs!”

Keeping cows fed, warm, and healthy costs a pretty penny, so the Prices were inspired to begin their own family beef business, Bigway Farm.

“I love being in a family farm,” Gillian expressed. “It’s fascinating seeing how marketing works, and it’s cool to see all our hard work turning into something!”

Gillian doesn’t just watch all of this work from the sidelines; she helps front the operation.

“Gil is not afraid of work. If I give her a job with adequate instructions, I can walk away knowing she’ll do it thoroughly. I don’t ever need to go behind and double check her,” Juli explained. “She has the ability to see the long game- so she was so excited about the beef business I think from that perspective. The day-to-day grind is what you do to get to the end of a year and see that you actually did make a bunch of new connections in the community, and you did accomplish a thing!”

This sprouting endeavor isn’t Gillian’s first accomplishment. She loves the arts, and recently she even published a fantasy and adventure book on Amazon titled Cloaked: The Pumpkin Team.

“I’ve always written books just for fun, but I was bored one day so I decided to start writing,” Gillian shared. “I’ve written short stories about those characters before.”

She’s also an experienced musician.

“I’ve played the fiddle since I was like six,” Gillian recalled. “I’ve played in youth orchestras, and I used to get together Tuesday afternoons with a group of kids and play songs then!”

Junior Gillian Price plays her fiddle during a YoungLife Christmas event. (Courtesy Photo)

Gillian occasionally plays her fiddle at Young Life during their “Club” hangout events.

“We are super grateful for GPrice,” Holly Zabloski, Franklin County Young Life Area Director, commented. “Gillian is a quiet force of goodness, care, and steadiness in Young Life. She is on our YL band team, playing the fiddle and singing. She helps us plan and execute Club and even fundraisers. But what is most significant about Gillian is that she thinks deeply about how to love the people at FCHS well, especially people who feel like outsiders.”

While anyone can attend Young Life, the club has Christian roots, and many members, like Gillian, attend Bedrock Church. She and some friends are currently trying to form a worship band featuring her fiddle, but their performances will need to take place when she isn’t busy helping in the nursery.

“I’ve always loved little kids, [and] I love being on nursery staff,” Gillian noted. “Babysitting for Life Group [Bible study] can get a little hectic when there’s over eight kids but it’s so much fun!”

Her volunteer work doesn’t stop there.

Junior Gillian Price pets the Clydehurst Christian Ranch horses while volunteering there last summer. (Courtesy Photo)

“I worked as a crew girl at Clydehurst Christian Ranch last summer way out in the Absaroka Mountains in Montana,” Gillian remembered. “I decided to work there because I went there as a camper so many times growing up. I want to go back [while I’m] in college to be a counselor, but I don’t think I’ll go next year.”

As hinted above, Gillian’s future plans are up in the air.

“I’m still trying to decide what to do after high school. I really want to go overseas and probably teach English as a second language or find something involving Samaritan’s Purse,” she explained.

However, she explained how her faith keeps her going.

“I’m always grounded in the strength and passion greater than mine,” Gillian addressed.

These qualities noticeably travel out of her spirit and into her daily actions.

“She is a leader amongst her peers without even trying to be,” Zabloski observed. “There have been several times where I’ve looked around the room and saw Gillian talking with the new kid in the room and making them feel welcome. I mean, what teen does that?"

A teen like Gillian.

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