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Show Your Spirit!--Pep Rally Poll Showcases Media and School Collaboration

By Emma Duncan and Vivien Mitchell--Eagle Editor and Eagle Staff Writer

As most Eagle News readers know, our staff takes a poll every issue to interact with our fellow Eagles and hear their voices. The polls will definitely continue this year, but with a twist.

The Journalism and Yearbook classes have decided to collaborate this year in multiple ways, one being polls! All received responses through Eagle News will be shared with the yearbook staff and a handful of students will be chosen for a small feature in the book.

To ring in the new school year, a pep rally was hosted on Friday, September 2. The stands were flooded with students decorated in bright red and white to show pride for our school and sports teams.

Pep rallies have been a favorite tradition amongst Eagles since the school's opening in the ‘50s. Some may have expected these events to fade in popularity, but thanks in large to one of the most spirited Eagles, Marsha Lopez, they’ve done the exact opposite.

Full of noise and excitement, pep rallies offer everyone a chance to be involved, but not everyone has a chance to share their thoughts on the rallies. Now is your time to be heard.

Students, click the link below and share your thoughts! Summary results will be posted in the next issue, and maybe even the yearbook.

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