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Singing From the Heart--Choir Student Haylee Smith Does It All

Senior Haylee Smith smiles for a picture on a beach trip from last summer. (Courtesy Photo)

By Hayley Rea--Eagle Assistant Editor

If you walked through Tech B on a normal school day, you’d hear the harmonized voices of our school’s choir group. Within that chorus of voices, you’d find Haylee Smith.

Smith, senior, is a highly involved student in activities both on and off campus. But one of her biggest passions is singing.

“I’ve had choir every year I’ve been in high school,” explains Smith. “I was [also] in the choir club, Studio, that sang not only at concerts, but even at a school board meeting.”

Haylee Smith and other choir members come together for a virtual concert. (Courtesy Photo)

The choir teacher on campus, Laura Bacigalupo, has metaphorically sung the praises of Smith’s success in her class.

“Haylee's strength in my class is her dedication to the whole ensemble. This means that not only is she a strong musician in her own right, but actively works to use her own skills for the betterment of the whole class,” Bacigalupo explains.

However, choir isn’t the only part of Smith’s in-school success. She is also heavily involved in her academics.

“Haylee is great at science and math, she can figure out almost every problem you put in front of her,” comments senior Harper Dillon, a friend and fellow peer. “She is great at English, though science and math are more her style.”

Not all of Smith’s attention is focused on in-school activities. She is also a big part of her church community.

“I’m a member of my church's praise band, youth group, and Staff Parish Relations Committee,” Smith lists off her religious interactions.

In between her academics and extracurricular activities, Smith picks up shifts at her local McDonald’s to earn her own money.

Haylee Smith (middle) and friends at a church event. (Courtesy Photo)

“I work in the grill at McDonald's. I switch between cooking the food, making the sandwiches, and working overnight on weekends,” she explains.

Despite her involvement in a wide variety of activities, Smith still makes time for her family and friends who support all her endeavors.

“Friends are an important aspect of my life. They mean so much to me and I’m so glad that I was blessed with such amazing, supportive friends,” Smith comments. “Family is also an important aspect of my life as they have done so much for me and want the best for me.”

However, her family goes beyond the human species, as she is a cat lover.

“I have five cats: Loki, Klaus, Mama, Spencer, and Morgan,” Smith names her feline family members.

Although she has made a name for herself with her talent and intelligence, Smith is also known for her outgoing personality.

“Haylee is sweet, kind and genuine, which makes her the type of person you want to be around,” Bacigalupo says. “I think this is what contributes most to her sweet demeanor, but I also think this is what draws people to her.”

Smith shows dedication and love towards her friends and all those she encounters.

“My favorite quality is how loyal she is,” remarks senior Arielle Harn, a friend and colleague.

Haylee Smith shows off her new haircut from a couple months ago. (Courtesy Photo)

Just like everyone else, though, Smith also has her personal limitations.

“I often freak myself out and get inside my own head. I’ll get anxious and believe that I’m not able to accomplish something,” Smith shares.

However, she refuses to let that hold her back.

“As a student, Haylee is smart and driven. She's inquisitive and hard working which makes her a delight to work with academically,” Bacigalupo explains about Smith’s perseverance.

In her high school career, Smith has taken on a lot of responsibility through her academics and extracurriculars both in and out of school, but she doesn’t let the weight of it all consume her.

“She is a model for what it means to be a team player in the classroom,” Bacigalupo concludes.

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