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Spotlight: Sign of The Times -- ASL Club Arrives at FCHS

By Paige Ordway -- Eagle Staff Writer

ASL Club Founder, Evan Heins, shares an informational video on American Sign Language. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

From Spirit Club to Newspaper Club to History Club, there is always something at FCHS to appeal to every student. However, there has now been a new club created in hopes of expanding opportunities for student learning.

Senior Evan Heins created the ASL (American Sign Language) club to further ensure every student has an interest in a club on campus.

“My grandmother was my biggest inspiration for this club. She taught me everything I know [about ASL] and I wanted to share that with others so [that they] could learn how to sign with others, whether they're friends or family for those that are hard of hearing,” stated Heins.

Heins anticipates this club will continue once he graduates at the end of the year. “I'm hoping after I graduate that the club stays while I'm gone. Aina [Reese], a sophomore here in FCHS, is my ideal next president for next year. She has a lot of passion for the club and I'm very happy to have her in it.”

Reese agrees that ASL is very important and should be offered throughout high

The ASL Club turnout for the first official meeting shows how any FCHS students strive to learn ASL. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

school as a language course option. “ASL is easier to learn and you can pick it up very quickly. Honestly, I think it should be a requirement in schools. There are too many people who need ASL and not enough people that speak it,” she elaborated.

As the club was coming together, Heins knew there would be hurdles to overcome that come with creating anything new, but with his passion and motivation he found a way around all challenges to get this club started.

The first was simply knowing where to begin: with Bradley Lang, who oversees all clubs on campus. “At first I had some struggles with finding Mr. Lang. Then I was also told that Mr. Crutchfield was only approving clubs for Groups 3&4 which would conflict with the LEO Club, which I run as well. Eventually Mr. Lang vouched for me to Mr. Crutchfield and got the club approved for Groups 1&2.”

With the club officially created, all that's needed now are students who feel the same as Heins and Reese to join in.

“I encourage others to join because ASL is a very important language. It allows for deaf and hearing people to communicate easier. I also think ASL is just a good language to have [under] your belt.”

Any students interested in joining the ASL club should go to Mr. Handy or Mr. Astin in room 214 Law, or email Evan Heins to get a pass to join.

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