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Spring Spirit Week Overview

Compiled by Staff

Spirit Week, a traditional event on campus, has come to an end after a week of unique outfits and creative themes. This was the first spirit week completed all together in over a year, so students and staff went all out!

"I would say that this past Spirit Week has had the most participation so far this school year. The participation for Tropical Paradise, Dress to Impress, and Foutz colors did great," Ashly Sigmon, an SCA faculty sponsor, explained.

Cheer coach Marsha Lopez, along with students and other faculty, spent the week snapping pictures of fellow Eagles as they showed off their best outfits.

"You could feel the excitement and energy on campus again, and I think everyone had a really good time. My favorite day was Foutz Friday because we were specifically honoring Coach Foutz on that day. I also loved Tropical Paradise Day because so many people dressed up that day in such fun outfits," Lopez commented.

The days were as follows:

Monday - Highlighter Day

Tuesday - Tropical Paradise Day

Wednesday - Lazy Day

Thursday - Dress to Impress Day

Friday - Foutz Friday

Teens and Tots instructors soak up the sun in their paradise-themed classroom. (Courtesy Photo)
Sophomore Madi Nunn shows off her Tropical Paradise gear. (Courtesy Photo)

Junior Alex Baumberger sports his tropical outfit in the halls of Tech B. (Courtesy Photo)
Freshman Brittany Brooks stops for a photo in her summer-themed clothes. (Courtesy Photo)

Junior Tristan Adams shows support in his Foutz shirt. (Courtesy Photo)
Guidance Department Head Barry Whitlow wears his Foutz Friday gear. (Courtesy Photo)

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