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Stronger Together--National Honor Society Applauds Students for Getting Involved

By Seth Caldwell--Eagle Staff Writer

The National Honor Society Emblem illustrates the values and purpose of the club. (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the U.S. Copyright Code)

National Honors Society (NHS), whether you know it or not, is an important organization within schools across our country that has influenced many young people to help their local community, do good for themselves, and build character.

“NHS gives students the opportunity to give back to the school and the community," explained science teacher and NHS sponsor Alicia McGeorge. "Our members help tutor their peers, work with teachers on projects, and other events throughout the year. Also, our members serve as good role models to the rest of the student population.”

The club helps members in numerous other ways.

“It also looks good on a job or college application, because it signifies that the member has gone above and beyond their classmates," McGeorge added.

NHS encourages students to be unique with their ways of receiving volunteer hours, but COVID-19 put a pause on many of these choices.

“The pandemic made it a lot harder for our members to get out in the community to volunteer, McGeorge recalled. "We had the opportunity to work with the Town of Rocky Mount to respond to local children's letters to Santa. It was really great to see our members pass along some Christmas spirit to the local kids!"

McGeorge acknowledged that working through this pandemic has been difficult for many; however, NHS students have learned resilience by finding ways to do for others even when times are tough. Blood donations, food drives for local food banks, and other activities keep members focused on service rather than self.

It’s all part of being an NHS member.

To learn more about NHS, please contact McGeorge ( or other Sponsor Jennifer Bennett (

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