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Student Spotlight: A Tale Of Webb

Sophomore Evan Webb stops for a shot during class. (Photo by Kevin Compton)

By Kevin Compton--Eagle Staff Writer

Sophomore Evan Webb believes himself to have a valuable work ethic from his experiences in school and Eagle Tech.

Webb, noting numerous occasions he’s risen up to the task, prides himself on the roles he receives as a result.

"In a project regarding GIS, a mapping service, we were lost, with everyone stepping up for different parts until I took some time to familiarize myself with mechanics for the website," Webb recalls.

Not only does he take initiative here, but Webb proves himself to be a great leader outside the classroom.

“He’s been pushing us through our tasks; he’s definitely a hard worker,” Brendan Mills, friend and fellow sophomore, comments.

Webb gives credit for his growth to Eagle Tech, an alternative curriculum with group collaboration in mind.

“It prepared me to deal with conflicts and how to work through them. It makes solving group issues easier," he explains. "During one of our projects, we ended up merging groups. Since we now had 5 people, they must have thought it would be alright if they slacked off a little. I tried resolving it one on one, and after that, they began doing anything assigned."

Webbs actions have left a lasting impact on his group mates.

“He plays a leading role in groups, and does a fine job at it," says sophomore Dylan Edwards, Eagle Tech classmate. “He's a solid member of my current group and I’m glad I get to work with Webb."

When Webb isn’t committing himself wholeheartedly to his schoolwork, he likes to spend time on social media catching up.

“I like to see what everyone else is up to,” Webb says. “It’s nice having that connection.”

He was also covering the soundboard for the school play, 525,600 Minutes of Covid as part of the TA club.

"It was fun to finally work on a project, since we had ours canceled last year," he comments.

If he isn’t actively partaking in any of those, Webb is likely playing games. One of his favorites is Subnautica.

"It's both very calming and dim. The atmosphere is almost peaceful, but you immediately find that you're in constant danger to outside threats. The dynamic keeps shifting between the two, and it leads to a shockingly serene experience," he explains.

He uses this to take a break with the stresses of leadership.

“Being up to date with everything and maintaining a leadership role can get quite tiring, especially with the fact that we’re fully back [in person] now in mind," Webb shares.

Webb is a student with high expectations and even higher aspirations. He aspires to join any branch of the army, and rank up to a commanding position.

“All of this work I’m going at now should lead into some roles in the future," he concludes.

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Damian Saint Vincent
Damian Saint Vincent
Sep 24, 2021

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