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Student Spotlight: Sam Simms Stands Out Through Sketches

Sophomore Sam Simms smiles for a picture. (Courtesy Photo)

By Melissa Smith--Eagle Staff Writer

In their first couple years on campus, underclassmen sometimes go unnoticed as they try to get their footing and begin making their mark. However, sophomore Sam Simms already seems to be standing out among her peers thanks to her artistic talent.

Simms has been creating art her entire life and expresses herself through it.

“I have a lot of creativity circling in my brain,” Simms began. “I have ADHD so I have to have some way to get it out and I just like expressing myself.”

She expresses confidence in her artistic abilities, including how she isn’t afraid to make mistakes.

“Making mistakes in my art has never been a fear for me, which is weird because I’m terrified to make mistakes in any other department," Simms revealed. "As a little kid I was always a ‘try new things, not afraid to fail’ kind of person, so that’s how I got into it, and it stuck while I became more anxious in general as I aged. I’ve been practicing for my whole life, so I’m confident in my skill now.”

Simms has completed many projects for various people throughout her years in FCHS. Students and teachers both have approached Simms to have her create works for them.

This piece was created using gouache, a medium between watercolor and acrylic. (Courtesy Photo)

“I did a door for Lady Jones, who’s my teacher and she knows I do a lot of art and just asked me to. Mrs. Bird found me to do HOCO decorating because I’ve talked to her a few times. She also offered to send me large canvases to paint for the workroom in Tech B. That happens actually a lot. People ask me to do projects for them and I’ve done tons in the last few years,” Simms elaborated.

Some of these projects have commissions for fellow students, increasing her experience with different forms and expanding her reputation.

“I actually do sell my art. Last year I made bank, like a few hundred a month just off that, but this year I toned it down because I have so much school work. I do a lot of portraits. Usually, people want me to paint them and their significant other. I do some pet portraits, and just random things people want me to paint,” she shared.

Many artists tend to experiment with their work to help develop a unique style. Sam is like many artists herself in that way as she likes to experiment with painting things that aren’t exactly canvases.

“I’ve done a few shirts for myself and a pair of pants (which didn’t turn out that well) and a friend wanted me to do a pair of shoes so I’m currently working on those as well…I’ve done water bottles, binders, murals, coasters, and a ton of random things I find,” she stated.

These sunflowers are made from tiny pieces of cut paper and glued together to make a collage. (Courtesy Photo)

Finding an individual style of art is an important part of becoming an artist. Over years of practice, Sam has found a style she uses often but is not limited to.

“I started out copying other artists’ styles and then I soon kind of blended them into my own,” she said. “I usually do stylized realism where the proportions are all correct but I add on my own twist and play with color theory and stuff like that… I put accents of a color’s complement in my paintings to give it an extra pop so the colors on my paintings are very vibrant.”

Sophomore Sam Simms has made quite an impression in the art world on campus. Many years of practice have gotten her where she is and she still has many years to improve. There is no telling what the future holds for Simms, but there’s a good chance that art might be in it.

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