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Taking Flight--Senior SCA Members Celebrate Leaving Eagles' Nest

Left to right Kirsten Kelly, Colleen Owen, Erica-Blake Sellars, Lindsey Smith, Abigail Hodges, and Tiffany Meadows represented the senior class this year through SCA. (Courtesy Photo)

By Emily Southern--Eagle Staff Writer

As the class of 2022 is coming closer and closer to graduation, the senior SCA officers are kicking into high gear to cross the finish line of their academic career.

They don’t work alone, though. Jennifer Bennett and Alicia McGeorge are the senior co-sponsors here on campus working to help produce end-of-year activities.

“Ms. Bennett and I are the behind-the-scenes people, but a lot of work is done by our wonderful senior class officers: Erica-Blake Sellars, Colleen Owen, Tiffany Meadows, Abigail Hodges, Lindsey Smith, and Kirsten Kelly,” stated Alicia McGeorge. “They are a tremendous help with communication through social media and they obtain donations from local businesses to our fundraisers and events.”

Many of the fundraisers they hold help pay for the end-of-year activities for all grades, not just seniors.

“We plan fundraisers to benefit the senior class such as the Eagle Strut 5K, Powderpuff Football Game, Senior Vs. Faculty Basketball Game, [and] we also plan the seniors-only events which are the Senior Banquet and Senior Picnic,” McGeorge listed.

The Senior Banquet, coming up on April 9th, is a SCA hosted event that is purely for the 2022 class.

“Senior Banquet is a night to remember… designated to gather all the seniors for a fancy evening. At the banquet, there will be dinner provided, photo opportunities, a slideshow of all the memories over the years, silly superlatives, and so many door prizes,” explained senior SCA Vice President Colleen Owen.

For many years the SCA officers have brought in a new tradition on campus, and this year’s class is no different.

“We are also bringing a new senior tradition: Senior Sunset,” Owen added. “This event is scheduled for [sometime in] April currently, but we are hoping to move the date into the end of April or early May. At Senior Sunset all seniors will congregate in the center of the track about thirty minutes before sunset. There will be music and people are welcome to bring snacks and sit on blankets! We are hoping to make it a super fun and chill event for all the seniors to be together one last time.”

Senior officer Lindsey Smith thinks that this new addition will have a big impact on students.

“We are trying to get Senior Sunset approved to shake things up a bit and have something new,” Smith said. “Senior activities bring the students together because during classes you may not be able to talk a lot and that's just time to socialize. It builds friendships.”

Smith, Owen, and the other senior SCA officers shared that they have felt the benefits of being on SCA.

Senior SCA members also helped decorate the senior hallway in Ramsey to celebrate Homecoming. (Courtesy Photo)

“I've been involved in SCA since eighth grade because I wanted to make the school a better place for my classmates. I want each voice to be heard and ultimately enjoy their time in the Franklin County Public Schools. As well, I enjoy being a leader for others and helping guide people. I love to feel as if I am making an impact, small or large,” stated Owen.

However, some surrounding counties don’t get to experience senior activities like those offered here.

“I honestly feel that other schools don't participate in as many activities simply due to lack of help and time,” Owen explained. “FC has always been so good about having equal, great amounts of help from teachers and students to ensure the students have a fun time. Our senior sponsors, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. McGeorge, have been such great mentors in helping us do what we need to and make sure we all get what we deserve.”

Bennett also has some ideas for why other schools don’t have senior/end-of-year activities, such as funding issues, but just like Owen, she believes end-of-year activities truly make an impact, and should be continued for years to come.

“I think these activities give seniors a chance to have fun with their classmates and feel part of the school community. It allows the seniors to be involved one last year before they leave FCHS. We want it to be a fun, memorable time,” she concluded.

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