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The Co-Vax Dilemma

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By Kevin Compton--Eagle Staff Writer

The ever-present issue of COVID-19 seems here to stay, but at least a dent can be made in its spread. There is always staying at home, though that has turned into less of an option everyday. Recently, vaccination has become an option, which many are on board with.

In fact, over 11 million people, nearly 200 times the amount of deaths in the US due to Covid, according to the CDC. The CDC believes the following three vaccines to be the safest, as of Mar. 19: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

A majority of those choosing to be vaccinated are teachers. Educators on campus are doing so in order to get back to teaching earlier than if they otherwise had not. One of these facilitators is history instructor Audrey Fizer.

“It was not any more or less painful than any other vaccination, my arm was just sore for about 24 hours,” she recalled. "Even one of the main and most prevalent side effects, nausea, wasn’t an issue."

The vaccine also brings a few other benefits. If you and say, another member, or even the rest of your family, got it, the risk of Covid would be drastically reduced, and you would no longer have to live in fear of accidentally bringing it with you, risking the safety of your home.

Still, at the end of the day, individual choice is important. People all over the world have displayed their will to not get it, due to it seeming “rushed.”

Crystal Worley put off getting her's due to these concerns.

"My main reason that I delayed taking it was I was unsure about the long term effects. Generally speaking vaccines are studied for longer periods of time prior to being given on such a widespread basis."

Later on however, Worley's mom would convince her to get her vaccine.

"My mom guilted me into getting it on Wednesday. You know how moms are? I decided to make my mom happy. My love for her simply overrode my fear."

Getting a vaccine is all up to choice.

“I believe the choice to vaccinate should be between an individual and their physician," Fizer shared. "That being said, anyone who is approved by their physician to receive the vaccination certainly should."

If your doctor or physician recommends it, you should strongly consider being vaccinated, as certain groups of people may receive a much needed benefit from it. If you can and are willing to, then taking the vaccine early will benefit everyone.

If wished, you can schedule a vaccination HERE. You will be asked personal questions concerning age, location, and other relevant factors, such as your eligibility.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, you can check HERE.

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