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"Water" You Going to Choose? Stanley vs. Hydro Flask

By Lily Lovette and Brooklyn Toney--Eagle Staff Writers

Are you looking for a new water bottle? There has been a tense debate between the two extremely popular ones on the market right now, the famous Hydro Flask and the up-and-coming Stanley. 

These teen girls are showing their support for "Team Stanley". (Photo by Brooklyn Toney)

Looking back to 2019 and early 2020, Hydro Flasks became a big craze with teenage consumers. While the trends with using water bottles as accessories has been ongoing since the Fiji water fad, Hydro Flasks were the first insulated TempShield technology bottle to make headlines. It was also popular for its reusability. 

"It’s good quality and it won’t break; it's not plastic and it keeps your water cold,” Junior and Hydro Flask advocate Quinn Gorannson explained. 

But now there’s a new cup that has captivated teens. The Stanley Cup rose to fame after a woman on the social media platform Tiktok posted a video featuring the cup. In the video, the woman showed her cup after her house suddenly caught on fire and was destroyed. Despite the flames, the cup survived, undamaged.

Still, the trend was slow to start at first. Sophomore and Stanley advocate Joella Brooks states, “I was definitely influenced by social media, but I didn’t see too many people with Stanleys when I got mine.”

While both of the cups have risen to great fame, there is some backlash that comes with demand for fashion cups. Not everyone agrees with splurging for a name brand bottle.

“Please don’t spend your money on something that is this expensive. Just buy a $14 cup from Walmart,” says senior Matthew Smith.

Not to mention that there are other water bottles circulating on media pages such as Owala that are likely to gain the same traction as these two brands. 

Besides, all trends eventually go the same way, Smith explained. “Things that are on trend are expensive and it’s usually a waste of your money. [The water bottle] will still be useful, but will not be popular in a year or so.”

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