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"We Are the Renaissance": Beyonce Releases New Concert Movie

By Brooklyn Toney--Eagle Staff Writer

Over a year after the release of Beyonce’s Renaissance Album, the artist has released a film highlighting her most recent tour. The film released on December 1 and has the world caught by storm making $21 million following its debut.

"Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce" movie poster features a dazzling red image of the artist. (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the U.S Copyright Code)

The singer has followed other artists such as Travis Scott and Taylor Swift who have also released concert movies just this year. Living up to its financial success, the movie has a current rating of 96% on the film critic website Rotten Tomatoes. One critic states, “We have before our eyes an entertainer at peak command of her art and therefore herself.”

Fans had their suspicions about a possible film before the trailer was released. It’s known that the artist is not new to the film industry having released her first film Homecoming in 2019. Homecoming brought attention to the artist’s 2018 Coachella performance where she had been the headliner for the festival.

The previous movie had never been released in theaters, so for fans to be able to relive the concert experience is a unique experience. It also makes it accessible to fans who might’ve not been able to afford tickets for the concert.

In Renaissance, Beyonce dedicates her album to her uncle Johnny. In an acceptance speech receiving an award from GLAAD the artist pays homage to Johnny stating, “I want to dedicate this award to my uncle Johnny, the most fabulous gay man I have ever met, who helped raise me and my sister.” Uncle Johnny sadly passed from HIV which Beyonce recalled, saying, ” Witnessing his battle with HIV was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever lived.”

House music was something that Johnny had introduced to the singer. In the album are house samples composed by queer musical artists such as Kevin Aviance and DJ Mike Q hidden in the album. Kevin JZ Prodigy, ballroom legend and the commentator behind “Pure/Honey”, makes an appearance in the movie also. Most may previously know him from his highly energetic track, “Here Comes the Hurricane Legendary Katrina”.

In one scene in the film Beyonce is seen wearing her high school prom dress, the last dress that Johnny made for her before he had passed. The artist then goes on to say, “Uncle Johnny made my dress,” referencing the lyrics to her song, “Energy.”

During the film, the audience catches a glimpse of the art that goes into a worldwide tour, while getting a behind the scenes look of the problems the artist faced while on the road.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar was among the guest artists the singer had performed with during her tour. While on stage performing the remix to “America Has a Problem”, the rapper happened to have his mic turned off without notice. In the movie, Beyonce placed the audio from the rehearsal performance in replace of the actual concert performance. Fans were pleased by the fact that they could finally hear Lamar’s lyrics.

As the movie comes to an end, the singer gives her fans a sneak peak of something they’ve been waiting for. She surprises the Beyhive with a brand new song titled, “My House”. It leaves me and other fans wondering if this is the “soft launch” to Act ll, a project in the process of being released.

Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce is for those who want to get out of their seat and dance. It’s not only a concert film, but a documentary of her life. Fans always ask, “Where are the visuals?”, regarding music videos, but in reality the Beyhive are the visuals. She highlights that throughout the film when she features scenes of the hive from each show. The film creates a way for fans to reminisce on the greatest moments from the tour - even if they couldn't be there in person.

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