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At Last! Vultures 1 Album Review

By Peter Stefo --- Eagle Staff Writer

On February 10th world-famous rapper and producer, Kanye West, finally dropped his long-awaited collab album, Vultures 1, with Ty Dolla $ign. Yes fans have been waiting since last year when he first announced it, and many fans had lost hope. 

Old album cover for Vultures (Photo Used Under the Fair Use Provision of the US Copyright Code)

This album was well received and many of the songs are charted very high. "Carnival", the most popular song on the album, hit number one.

Kanye West dropped his first album, The College Dropout, 20 years ago on the same day, leading many fans to believe the delays were intentional. Since his first album was released he has maintained many loyal fans.

He also has plans for two new albums, Vultures 2 and 3. The planned drop dates are March 8th and April 5, 2024, but with his track record with albums this is very unlikely.

According to Kanye's Instagram this album is one of triumph and him making a comeback. He mentions a lot about how even though everyone has been against him, he still managed to make a fantastic album. 

Unfortunately there were some changes made to the album that many fans were unhappy with. "Everybody", which was supposed to be the first song on the album and many fans enjoyed hearing during his listening parties, was removed from the album because he was unable to get the sample cleared. This was a song I was personally excited for as well and I hope it will be on one of the next albums.

This didn’t stop the album from being a success and many fans liked the new starting song "Stars"just as well. This song had a clean beat and was definitely a good way to start out the album.

The second song on the album was "Keys to my Life" This song talks about being in a relationship with someone you care about and the struggles that you go through. It was an enjoyable song, and a little sad.

Another very popular song from the album is "Talking", which has his daughter North in it. This song is about watching your kids grow up and make the same mistakes that you made at their age. North's feature on the song was amazing and I think she will have a great career in the future.

The next song is "Back to Me" where he samples the movie Dogma. This song is about the difficulties of finding relationships, and is one of the most popular songs off this album. The sample was very fun and this was an enjoyable song.

"Do It" is in my opinion the best song on the album, and has the best beat. This song also has my favorite line in the album that made me audibly laugh.

We also got a return from old Kanye on this album, with the song "Burn". This song sounded like it could be straight off of The College Dropout. He talks about how the world is trying to watch him burn but he’s still here.

The song "Vultures" which he released as a single last year, was also on the album which is good because it is a great song.

Then we have the song "Carnival" which was definitely the fan favorite from this album. It charted number 1 in over 70 countries including Israel. This song has the craziest beat on the album and is one of the best.

"Beg Forgiveness" was the next song on the album and it was about being hurt by someone who is close to you. It was an emotional song but was very good.

Then the song "Problematic" follows which is about how controversial he is and how it’s just his life and who he is. He also talks about struggling to find love when he was younger and how it hurt.

The final song on this album is "King". This song is about how even though people say he is crazy and anti-semitic he’s still the king.  It was a great song to end the album on and left me excited for the next one.

This album was long awaited and it did not disappoint. With two more albums on the way,  many fans are excited for the next couple of months. Even with the inevitable delays I am sure the albums will live up to the expectations.

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