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Back in Business: The Language and Cultures Club

By Sarah Rafael-Javier -- Eagle Staff Writer

“Bonjour”, “Ni Hao”, and “Hola” are just a few ways to say hello and while there are a lot of other ways to say hello in different languages, now at FCHS there is a place to learn how. This year the Language and Cultures Club is back in business and there to help are Cathy Pinkley (co-sponsor) and Jordan Howell (co-sponsor). The club helps students learn about different cultures and languages through hands-on activities.

Students had the chance to make posters for Hispanic Heritage Month and hang them in the buildings hallways. (Courtesy photo)

The club isn’t new to the school, but when the pandemic started they had to take a break. Howell explains, “So it actually was a club for many years called the International Club and during COVID we didn't have club meetings... Now Mrs. Pinkley has brought the club back and renamed it as the Language and Cultures club."

Pinkley feels that a language and cultures club is a great way to understand people that are different from each other and also have the opportunity to learn from them. “We wanted a chance for our language students to experience and learn as well as, share their own cultures and traditions," she shared.

From left to right: Juniors Alana Warren and Tiffany Kingery preparing a dish for German cooking night. (Courtesy photo)

Pinkley wants students to see that while they may not all live in the same place, they are united in ways they don't even know. She elaborates, “We are different but we have more in common than people might realize. We all celebrate our family members. We have things that are important, different festivals and foods."

The more students learn through the club, the more they grow and the better prepared they become for the future. "You can learn more about the world or you can learn about yourself and we learn a lot when we are out of our comfort zone and learning about other cultures or learning something new," Pinkley explains. "It sort of helps you push you out of your comfort zone and it allows you to be like more in a growth mindset and learn more.”

Students also get to enjoy hands-on activities in the club like making crafts, playing games, and more. Pinkley elaborated, "We had a German cooking night... There will be another cooking night in the spring where we learn about another cuisine from a different country."

Top row from left to right: Freshmen Rafael Delgadillo de la Cruz, Fernando Vargas, bottom row left to right: Freshman Carlos Rodriguez, Sophomore Gonzalo Velazquez having fun making clay lamps to celebrate Diwali. (Photo by Sarah Rafael)

And it's not just about the food. "We do fun things to learn about the culture of other places and whether its food,

or music, or dance. These are great ways to help students learn more and get to know each other and give them something to look forward to," Pinkley says.

The club sponsors hope that later on in the future students will have activities where they will be able to practice their language skills and teach the other members . Meanwhile, Pinkley says, "The club is a great opportunity for friendship and appreciating the culture background of our classmates and the diversity of our school."

Students can visit Pinkley's room in 153 Tech B to get a pass or can also visit Howell's room in 151 Tech B for a pass.

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