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More than Just Pumpkin Spice: Fall Food and Fashion

By Lily Lovette--Eagle Staff Writer

The start of October, just as the air starts to feel crisp and the leaves start to crunch, there’s talk of Halloween, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. Fall food traditions never get old with the classic apple cider donuts and assortments of pies, but things are about to get interesting with the food and fashion trends in 2023.

Take one last look at the well loved Original Skittles, because the French's Mustard flavor is making it's way to our local Walmart. (Photo taken by Lily Lovette)

Starting off with a strong punch (maybe a bit too strong) if you’ve been seeing mustard everywhere you’re not crazy. The rise of sweet and spicy flavor combinations has gone farther than your “for you” page. Mustard Skittles are making their way to the shelves of your favorite candy aisle. Are French’s Mustard Skittles a sign of what's to come for new candy? Is mustard the new pickles? Only time will tell.

Next up is new sleep-inducing snacks. There has been a rise of sleep aid products in the last year, so for your pantry that means lavender-infused cereals and sweet chamomile cookies and ice cream. Will they lull you to sleep? There’s no guarantees, but who says no to a good midnight snack?

Whether you love it or hate it, pumpkin-flavored products are set to return again this fall. However this year there are some unexpected twists, things like pumpkin spice caviar and pumpkin beer are making their way to the charts.

A pair of vintage shoes perfect for a comeback this Fall. (Courtesy photo)

After all of those new fall foods old wardrobes might start to feel stale too, so good thing fall fashion trends are here to hit the reset button. Red is the color of fall 2023. Aside from the deep or muted tones you’d expect, bright cherry reds are the easiest way to make a statement this season.

Another bold addition is the metallic footwear circling the internet. While there is plenty of gold on fall runways, flat and chrome silvers are now making their way to the stage.

Considering all of the new trends, the theme of this year's fall is clearly "bold." Leave behind your beige sweaters and black coffee and grab your shiny red pumps and mustard skittles.

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