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New Tech B Mural Lifts Student's Day

By Lily Lovette and Oliver Maul--Eagle Staff Writers

The quote on the bottom of the mural says, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" by Albert Einstein. (Photo taken by Oliver Maul)

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your day? Well Tech B has just completed a mural that adds a new layer of positivity to the building.

Teacher and coach Marsha Lopez says that this has been a project in the making for a while; her last year's Teachers for Tomorrow classes brainstormed ideas for adding a mural to the building. She explained, “The only requirement was that it had to be something positive.”

The purpose of the mural was to brighten up the hallways in the building. “My idea for just having a mural on the wall was inspired by my belief in having an inviting school where people are happy and joyful. The hallways can just be so boring and plain, and it helps to have some colorful, positive images when you're walking around school,” Lopez said.

Senior McKenna Roderick and sophomore Aliyah Spade stand proudly for their newly done mural. (Courtesy photo)

With the help of two students, senior McKenna Roderick and sophomore Aliyah Spade, the mural was brought to life on a wall in Tech B. Roderick in particular wanted the final design to be something something original.

“I looked around and saw everyone else doing the basic red and white and eagle. I wanted to stand out, be different, and I wanted my design to make a difference. This is why I chose encouraging words and a beautiful quote,” Roderick explained. This mural wasn’t an easy project though. It took 8 months in total to finish the project.

It's been time well-spent, however. “The mural has already had such a positive impact on everyone who has seen it! It's so bright and pretty, and when people come around the corner in our building to enter that hallway, it's the first thing they see. It's absolutely beautiful!” Lopez exclaimed.

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