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Photo Collage: A Pep Rally Hypes Everyone Up!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Evan Heins--Eagle Staff Writer

There was nothing unlucky about the winter pep rally held Friday, January 13. Four grade levels of Eagles in neon shades filled the bleachers in the Central Gym to scream and shout their hearts out for FCHS winter athletes.

The spirited senior class of '23 brings the heat in hot pink. (Photo by Evan Heins)

The junior class of '24 was hard to miss in neon yellow. (Photo by Evan Heins)

"Orange" you glad you're a sophomore? These folks are, and so is the Eagle mascot. (Photo by Evan Heins)

The Class of '26 shows Eagle pride their own "fresh" way. (Photo by Evan Heins)

Sebastian Ellis, Class of '23, stirs up the crowd with his one-of-a-kind speeches. (Photo by Evan Heins)

An impromptu "Worm Contest" between all four grades broke out during the rally. (Photo by Evan Heins)

The FC cheerleaders reach new heights. (Photo by Evan Heins)

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