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Photo Collage: FCHS "Pep" Into The Fall Sports Season

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Paige Ordway-- Eagle News Staff Member

The first official pep rally of the 2023-24 school year took place on Friday, August 25th. The Eagle faithful gathered at the football stadium to support their very own.

Senior, Aliyah Spade, flies into the air with support of her fellow cheerleaders! (Photo taken by Paige Ordway)

A hoard of supportive eagle students pile into the football stands! (Photo taken by Paige Ordway)

The FCHS class of 2026 decides to turn their attention to the bouncing beach balls flying around. (photo by Paige Ordway)

Every FCHS student collectively welcomes the Fall sports team to the field. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

The class of '26 channel their inner chick-fil-a to inspire FCHS to "win more". (photo by Paige Ordway)

The Cross Country team carries on their habit by sprinting towards the 50 yard line. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

The FC Volleyball team "dig" the student applause after being introduced. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Clay Feazell, PE teacher, limbos as low as he can go. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Junior, Claire McElvain, Springs towards the crowd during the FC Fly Girls dance performance. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

FC Fly Girls perform their dance after months of preparation. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

The Seniors sprint onto the field to parade their seniority. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

Class of '24 prepares to chant away for their chance to get class points. (Photo by Paige Ordway)

The Senior class struts their stuff to make their way to the Eagles Nest . (Photo by Paige Ordway)

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