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Photo Gallery: Boys Battle it Out in Powderpuff Volleyball Game

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Emma Duncan--Eagle Editor

Powderpuff sports games are a high school tradition that has existed for years and years. In the past, they have been football games between upperclassmen girls while junior and senior boys tumble and stunt from the sidelines. Last year, however, the roles were reversed and boys took to the court to compete in a powderpuff volleyball game, coached by the Lady Eagles volleyball team.

This game went over with the students so well that on October 6 the class of 2023 returned to the court to compete against the class of 2024. It was a game to remember.

The senior powderpuff team holds up fours to show their confidence in the upcoming game. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The junior powderpuff team comes together for a photo after finishing their pre-game practice. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

During practice, senior Josh Bouknight blocked an attempted spike from junior Tucker Harvey. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Junior Javeraih Holland and his teammates rush to the center of the court to pass an incoming ball. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Senior Jaimere Watkins soars into the air to send the ball back over the net. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Seniors Lexie Brown and Ashlynn Haigler acted as head coaches of the senior powderpuff team. They constantly uplifted and instructed their players throughout the game. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The junior coaching staff consisted of Emma Catoe (jumping), Karsyn Strong (camo shirt), Abby Stone (center), Talaya Holland (right center), Haley Hanks (turned right), and Hope Greer (not pictured). (Photo by Emma Duncan)

To customize their jerseys, each player came up with their own nickname and number. For junior Jarad Lavallee, this was his chance to exclaim that he was "Better than Chalis." (Photo by Emma Duncan)

From left to right: Senior Tyler Scott watches as senior Andrew Riddle sets the ball for senior Andrew Cokendolpher to spike across the court. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Senior Brandon Duncan serves the ball back into play as his teammates watch from the bench. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Junior class SCA representatives and fellow peers sat front and center to support their team. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Members of the senior class made posters with phrases like "I Dig the Seniors" and "Let's Go Brandon (Duncan)" to display while cheering. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Sophomores Aniston Wray (near press box) and Maddie Caron (center) served as referees to remove scoring bias. However, this did not remove tensions between the team, as senior Josh Bouknight (right) wasn't pleased with some of their calls. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

The game was close the whole way through, with the juniors in the lead only slightly. The senior team takes a timeout to discuss their hopeful comeback with their 19-20 score looming above them. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

Junior Kendel Mattox (center) sets the ball for junior Nino Genova (right). (Photo by Emma Duncan)

With the support of their team, seniors Andrew Cokendolpher (bent down) and Drew McElvain (right) debate where the ball landed with referee and junior Autumn Ballagh (white shirt) in an attempt to tie the game. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

After two sets of close competition, the juniors were declared the winners of the 2022 Franklin County High School Powderpuff Volleyball Game, winning by two points in the end. (Photo by Emma Duncan)

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