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Student Spotlight: The Spirited Life of Olivia Chitwood

Olivia Chitwood brings spirit and enthuasium to everything she does. (Photo by Evan Heins)

By Patrick Trent--Eagle Staff Writer

Many students just go through the monotonous school day as fast as they can, but not Olivia Chitwood. She has shown dedication to Franklin County High School, demonstrating the characteristics of an Eagle. Chitwood has a lot of roles, among them being the manager of multiple FC sports teams.

What got her into the role of football manager was her previous experience playing football in middle school. She spoke of initially feeling ostracized as a girl in a male-dominated sport.

“Nobody wanted to talk to me, nobody wanted to tackle me,” she recalled. “It was so odd, but I found that if I hit them hard enough, boom, I earned their respect.”

She is also the manager of the wrestling team.

Managing both the football and wrestling teams keeps Olivia Chitwood in the heart of Eagle sports action. (Photo by Evan Heins)

”She is our organizer, scorekeeper, does laundry, keeps records, and handles the music for home matches,” David Ferguson, head wrestling coach, explained. “Olivia is a hard worker with a great personality. She is always on time and is ready to do anything you need help with.”

Friends of Chitwood seconded Ferguson’s opinion, adding that she is a very cheerful and determined person and she credits those characteristics to her involvement in Eagle Excellence and the Spirit Club, which “make our school less of a sad, droopy place,” according to Chitwood.

While Chitwood has grown to become a leader at this school, she sees these positions as a hobby and wants to continue them after high school but not as a career.

“I want to major in marine biology and become a marine biologist,” she aspired. “This is from a love of the ocean and wanting to learn more about what hasn’t been discovered as well as going into further detail on what has been discovered.”

Speaking of work, on top of her already busy schedule, Chitwood balances two jobs: a lifeguard at a local pool and at her uncle’s mulching company. However, she has not let this compromise her academic and social lives.

“I grew up seeing my parents doing a lot so I think it’s grew on me that a lot is the norm,” Chitwood shared. “With school work the pressure it adds allows me to get it done faster and more efficiently. I feel as though if I’m not busy, I’m not productive. I’m a person that runs on being pushed and being productive.”

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